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About Sangon and Co.

"We take pride in our materials which are made of locally sourced pearls and gold plated metals, taking our bornean jewellery piececs to be unique with local features."

Martiana, Founder of Sangon and Co.

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My name is Martiana!

I founded Sangon & Co. as a means to share my Sarawakian heritage and stories through handcrafting jeweleries.

In Sangon & Co, all jewellery pieces are handcrafted and hamade from natural materials such as pearls, shells & semi-precious stones, a lot of our pieces are traditionally inspired by my Dayak culture. 

Growing up, I was always attached to our home and the people, especially the local aunties, uncles & the indigenous community as I am what I consider, "having the best of both words", of my Chinese mix Bidayuh ethnicty.

Sangon & Co. aims to infuse the Bornean tropics with modern twists that are perfect for any occasions


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