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Sangon & Co.

1/ Will Sold Out Design be Restocked?

At Sangon & Co , we consider the aesthetics of every piece created. Hence, our quantities are limited for all designs as this also adds significance to each piece made. By doing so, we believe our customers would receive their pieces momentously.

However, we will occasionally restock our bestsellers and permanent designs once they are sold out. So, do keep an eye out on our Instagram !

2 / Are Sangon & Co’s jewelleries hypoallergenic?

Yes, they are hypoallergenic and safe to wear. Materials used for our pieces are usually 14k/18/24k gold plated metals.


Having said that, we are planning on creating more sustainable jewelleries for everyone especially those with sensitive skin in our next collections to come.

*Wear at your own risk if you are allergic or uncomfortable with the materials used.

3 / Are Sangon & Co’s natural materials real such as shells and pearls?

Pieces made with natural materials such as shells, pearls and hopefully others in the future are all genuine which gives our jewelleries more sentimental value as each of them are unique in their own way as they are never exactly the same. 

4 / Are Sangon & Co’s natural materials real such as shells and pearls?

Most of our jewelleries consist of natural materials and are all genuine. Colour, shape, size and texture may vary as that makes them more authentic and significant. Each of them are natural and will have unique features of their own!
*Keep in mind that no two stones are alike, but they are similar. Just like our fingerprints and snowflakes!

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