Fruit Tree Youngs + Candle

Fruit Tree Youngs + Candle


Borneo’s “World’s most ethical & environmentally friendly” candles help create sustainable solutions for endangered wildlife in our beautiful home, Borneo!


These solutions are the operation of wildlife rescue centres, fighting animal trafficking & supporting the rehabilitation of ex-captive/injured animals! 


100% of profits from the candles will be spent on the mentioned above!


The candle caps that comes with the candle are made from recycled plastic waste comes in 2 scents : 
Frangipani & Citronella


In conjunction with Earth Month, we at Sangon & Co. as well as Plants By Feebs want to encourage environmentally sustainable lifestyle by giving you the chance to plant your own herbs, fruit trees & air purifying plants. All these to ensure healthier lifestyle & not to mention help you save money!

Fruit Trees
Candle Set