Project Borneo Copper Cuffs

Project Borneo Copper Cuffs


The entire process of making the cuffs is 100% from organic materials, and is made of copper. Here are the details and processes of making this bracelet:

- Heat treating & linseed oil finishing for deep & rich colour
- Adjustable (not so much, only a tiny bit!)
- Will not tarnish, but will oxidise (use fine steel wool or common polishing products to polish it if it does oxidise. Although, it shouldn’t since a coat of lacquer has been used on top of it).
- Blue colouring is from “Patina” which is essentially fertiliser
- Air chased copper cuff rubbed with Gilders Paste Wax in Patina


100% of profits from the cuffs will be spent on helping to create sustainable solutions for endangered wildlife in our beautiful home, Borneo!


These solutions are the operation of wildlife rescue centres, fighting animal trafficking & supporting the rehabilitation of ex-captive/injured animals! 


Everyone can help! You can help! Let’s get involved and care for our home & it’s inhabitants.


For more information visit @projectborneo_org or website